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Strategically located in the center of South America and in the largest consumer hub in Brazil, Minas Gerais is the second major exporter state, has an area extension larger than France and comprises the 3rd largest industrial GDP in Brazil. 

9.2% of the entire Brazilian GDP

2014: $ 133.26 Bi

A GDP Similar to Chile or Czech Republic

Minas Gerais represents the third largest economy in the country, and is the second state which exports the most. Over the last 10 years, Minas Gerais GDP had a better growth than the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In adition to that, the cost of living is, approximately, 27% lower than average on those states. 

The metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, has the 5th largest industrial region of Latin America. 

Unique logistics

  • Longest road system in Brazil
  • 13% of national road system
  • Second largest railroad
  • International Airport
  • Industrial Airport
  • 5 dry ports (in land customs)
  • Area for company implementation, with fiscal benefits for production and exportation

Estrada de Ferro, Minas Gerais

the 5th largest industrial concentration in Latin America

  • The surrounding region of Belo Horizonte (the capital of Minas Gerais) holds the 5th largest industrial concentration in Latin America.

The 1st industrial airport in Brazil

  • The state moves forward as the first aerotropolis in Latin America, reinforcing the global connectivity.

Over 528 patents 

  • The Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais, UFMG, has the largest number of Engineering Schools and is also a leader regarding issued patents. 

34% of national steel production

  • The state of Minas Gerais is the first in all Latin America to have an industrial airport complex, enhancing its global connectivity". With two automobile hubs and 5 vehicle manufacturers, Minas Gerais headquarters 6 assemblers.  

Soldador Industrial FIEMG - Expand

The segments which help Minas to grow

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Geraldo Araújo Pessoa

Araujo Industry President

“Through FIEMG we were able to develop a productive capacity that allowed us to export. This improvement made us much more competitive internationally, as well as in the national market. Hence, a message for all entrepreneurs would be: get out of your comfort zone.“

Learn more about some of the programs, fiscal incentives and facilitators in order to start your business in Brazil and in Minas Gerais.

The program makes fixed or mixed investment funding available, regarding implementation, expansion, modernization, readjustment or reactivation of ventures in the state which are affected by international finance crisis.

Support Program
- PróInvest


As a unique working capital funding, the program purpose is to promote market development of products similar to the ones manufactures in an industrial unit to be implemented in the state of Minas Gerais.

and Commercial
- PróEstruturação


Regarding working capital, aiming to support maturing and consolidation of ventures, the program supports machine and equipment manufacturing, their capital goods companies accessories and service performance components.

Integrated Productive
Development Support
- PróGiro


Ensures finance conditions suitable to perform long maturation projects integrated to agricultural and indusfinancetrial ventures already implemented or under the implementation phase in Minas Gerais.

Program for
- Findes-Integração


Minas Gerais Government, through the Minas Gerais Economical Development Company– CODEMIG - offers urbanized lots with a complete infrastructure, which include electricity, internal paved roads, water, sewage systems and landlines.



PróInovação funding has been designed through a FAPEMIG/BDMG partnership, aiming to support development projects, focusing on product innovation, processes and services of companies in order to improve quality, pioneering or competitiveness increase in the market and also, a higher productivity.

Support Program
– PróInovação


The purpose of this program is to keep companies which present or develop ventures of strategic important for expansion or modernization of productive chains or their local productive accruals.

Minas Gerais
Equating Fund


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